Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.

Reference – THE EPISTLE TO THE ROMANS : Chapter 12 Verse 12 (ESV) .


Abba Father, as we come into your presence , we give you praise and glory . We submit our bodies to you, as a living sacrifice at your altar . Help us to live lives that are holy and acceptable to you Lord, to the mercy you have shown us. As we are given the privilege to be your children through the atoning sacrifice of Christ , may we never forget that we are called to be holy, as you our Father is the Most Holy .Father, let no sin separate us from your eternal love for us. We confess and repent for all the wrongs we have done. Forgive us Father as we have forgiven all who have wronged us. Let your mercy flow. May we always remember that we are your temple , that you love to and chooses to dwell in us . Help us to realise that the creator of all heavens and earth loves us so very much and that we are made complete in Him through his eternal love for us. Father, may we never forget that though we have trials and tribulations in this world, they are temporary ,but your mercies are new every morning . Lord, help us realise that the patience with which we endure through the difficulties and challenges in life helps us grow into people with stronger character . May we understand that when we choose to rejoice in hope and in your promises, then you turn every tough circumstance we are in into a testimony of faith for us .Lord, help us to be constant and continuing in prayer, praising and worshipping you every moment of our lives. Help us to worry less but pray more. Help us to understand that everything that happens in our lives is totally under your control , that your ways are much higher than ours and your plan for our lives much better than our own plan for our future . May we be moulded more and more into your likeness as we are filled with your love through your Holy Spirit, that we may abound in love ,hope and joy. Father, may we reflect your mercy and goodness in everyday of our lives and continue to serve each other with zeal and affection. Help us to discern what’s good and what’s evil and be renewed in our minds and refreshed in our spirits . May we glorify your Name by fulfilling our purpose in life as a faithful member of the Body of Christ. May your grace and favour always rest upon us . We give all glory , praise, honour and worship to our Everlasting Father, now and for always. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.


  • The Old Testament – GENESIS : Chapter 4 . 1- 15
  • The New Testament – MATTHEW : Chapter 5 . 1 – 12
  • Book of Psalms – Chapter 6

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