DAY 19


Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Reference – THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS : Chapter 11 Verse 1 ( NIV ).


Abba father, as we approach your throne of grace today, we worship you and glorify you. Father, we give you all praise and honour .You are our defender and protector. You are our rock, and the hope in our Lord Jesus Christ is our anchor. We thank you for all your grace and mercy.

Abba, we put all our faith and trust in you. In this world we face lot of troubles, help us rest peacefully on the truth that we will overcome everything through Jesus Christ .Abba , help us in this walk that we are walking, for we do not walk by sight but by faith. May we always trust in your manifold wisdom and righteousness. Teach us your ways Lord so that we may never depart from it . Help us to be true disciples of Christ and live a life rooted firmly in faith. Abba, thank you for the assurance of salvation in Christ Jesus.

May the obedience to your will and faith in your providence help us through our journey in this world . Abba, give us the faith that Abraham had , the faith which helped him obey Almighty God and take crucial decisions, knowing in faith that he is safely enclosed in the manifold wisdom of the One who had called him. Give us the faith that would enable us to give you the utmost reverence and do what is pleasing your sight . Help us be obedient through faith . May we offer the sacrifice of worship at your altar with thanksgiving and absolute faith . May our faith in you help us grow courageous and insightful about the plans that you have for us dear Father . Give us strong faith in your promises that we may have endurance and perseverance during trials and challenges.

Abba, help us perform acts of righteousness through your grace and obtain your eternal promises through our faith in you. May our weakness be made strong through our faith in the Name of Jesus. May what’s impossible to man be made possible because of the power of God through our faith in him .Help us understand that your love for us has made every provision for our needs through faith in your Word. Father , help us understand that the greatest reward for our faith is the salvation in Jesus Christ. We pray for all our brothers and sisters in Christ .Lord, strengthen us in faith so that we my abound in good works in Christ Jesus until the day he comes again in all glory and majesty. Bless us your inheritance , O Lord . Lead us through this narrow way. We give you all praise and worship. For thine is the kingdom, the power and glory, forever and ever . Amen.


  • The Old Testament – GENESIS : Chapter 12 . 1 – 9
  • The New Testament – MATTHEW : Chapter 8 . 18 – 27
  • The Book of Psalms – Chapter 19

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